Enhanced Shaiya Rankings

Enhanced Shaiya Rankings is a site created with the purpose of tracking player rankings of Shaiya, developed by Andreas "Qtax" Zetterlund (in game known as Chinuru).


Main features include:

  • Ranking history
  • Per character overview
  • Graph history view
  • Rank characters by daily/weekly increase in kills
  • Character name and faction change detection
  • Search characters by name
  • Global/interserver rankings
  • All officially available stats are tracked
  • Easy to spot stat padders

A demo of the main features can be seen below.

Beta in Development

This is a work in progress (when I got some spare free time anyway). With many features yet incomplete, missing and being planned. With that in mind, feel free to report bugs if you think you found something that needs fixing. Internet Explorer is not compatible, full support for version 9 and later may be added later.


Shaiya is a popular "free to play" massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with focus on player versus player (PvP) combat. Player controlled characters of one faction can kill characters from the other faction and gain kills and rank. These kills and rankings are statically shown on Shaiya's website and are updated daily.

Development Goals

The main goals were to improve current ranking displays by adding new features like logging and displaying historic data, per character information and improving the interface, which in turn helps players to keep track of the PvP action and how fast different characters are developing.


You can email the author at qtax@qtax.se

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